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== Tips & Tricks ==
== Tips & Tricks ==
* [[Changing Font Type or Size in Wordfast Pro 5]]
* [[Changing Font Type or Size in Wordfast Pro]]
* [[Excluding Excel Columns/Rows in Wordfast Pro 5]]
* [[Excluding Excel Columns/Rows in Wordfast Pro]]
* [[Marking Text as Untranslatable in Wordfast Pro 5]]
* [[Marking Text as Untranslatable in Wordfast Pro]]
* [[Inverting Translation Memories in Wordfast Pro 5]]
* [[Inverting Translation Memories in Wordfast Pro 5]]
* [[Right-to-Left Mark in Wordfast Pro 5]]
* [[Right-to-Left Mark in Wordfast Pro 5]]

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Wordfast Pro (WFP) is standalone software that allows translators and project managers do their daily work in a neat and efficient translation environment. It also includes a suite of Quick Tools for pre- and post-translation batch processing of dozens of file types. WFP runs natively in Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The current WFP user interface and underlying technology was first implemented as version 4.0, publicly released in April 2016. Since then, it has been improved and updated, most recently to version 6.0.0 (January 2021).

Note: The legacy version of WFP premiered in January 2009 and was based on a different underlying code. It was last updated to version 3.4.14 in August 2018 and is no longer in development. It still works in many systems and some users continue to use it; it can run alongside the most recent version of WFP on the same computer. To learn more about this legacy version of WFP, see the dedicated Wordfast Pro 3 (WFP3) section of this wiki.

This section and articles are about the current version of WFP.

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