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Wordfast’s public TM server consists of translation units (TUs) offered by the community of translators and aligned data from public institutions (e.g. the European Union) and is available to all users under the name VLTM (Very Large Translation Memory). The TM is unrestricted, anonymous, and free of charge for Wordfast Anywhere users.

Please note that you must have a fully-functional version of Wordfast Pro in order to connect to remote TMs, including the VLTM. You can request a 30-day free trial license for Wordfast Pro from our website.

Free access to coronavirus TMs

Publicly available translation data related to the coronavirus (https://md.taus.net/corona) has been converted into freely accessible TMs in the following language pairs:

  • EN>DE (vltm@πgV9CQy)
  • EN>ES (vltm@πXEHWFY)
  • EN>FR (vltm@πpx4lAo)
  • EN>IT (vltm@πiG35ws)
  • EN>ZH (vltm@πrQUbJ4)
  • DE>EN (vltm@πAvcFy0)
  • ES>EN (vltm@π7XgvX1)
  • FR>EN (vltm@πqaclAO)
  • IT>EN (vltm@πi9CGpw)
  • ZH>EN (vltm@πDdheTB)

The TMs can be accessed via Wordfast Pro using the API codes in parentheses. They can also be accessed directly within Wordfast Anywhere by adding a TM via TMs and glossaries management.


To use the VLTM in Wordfast Pro, first verify that a VLTM for your language pair exists:

Source Language Target Language API Key Number of TUs
CS EN vltm@πdICWdx 2,449,809
DA EN vltm@πo82oyU 1,739,319
DE EN vltm@πYVcTBj 3,806,503
EL EN vltm@πxrdq1d 739,737
EN AR vltm@π6brs3c 616,316
EN CS vltm@π4hZhFV 1,330,352
EN DA vltm@πUMdBnJ 1,086,454
EN DE vltm@πaLYWcj 2,621,456
EN EL vltm@πCS3zBw 833,364
EN ES vltm@π1RAU2P 2,871,518
EN FI vltm@πjfRaRz 1,896,320
EN FR vltm@πtO1mlJ 2,957,157
EN HE vltm@πUroPpP 661,923
EN HU vltm@π2Ulvji 1,830,761
EN IT vltm@πmLiByT 1,940,965
EN JA vltm@πdZkSJp 926,428
EN NL vltm@πlXuCY4 2,198,193
EN NO vltm@πZ6sgj4 1,117,140
EN PL vltm@πeAh8RS 1,226,579
EN PT vltm@π0HELP6 1,899,081
EN RU vltm@πJI1D5W 683,003
EN SV vltm@πYlOct3 2,151,528
ES EN vltm@πglP7f5 2,086,439
FI EN vltm@πzfqYnb 1,896,312
FR EN vltm@πzrfNwh 2,952,340
HE EN vltm@πvDsVDb 661,899
HU EN vltm@πgeUuYn 830,367
IT EN vltm@πwbKihG 1,174,932
JA EN vltm@πcUg4kU 926,746
NL EN vltm@πS3Acog 1,344,114
NO EN vltm@πS9xHLj 1,117,104
PL EN vltm@πXFCMYc 1,227,474
PT EN vltm@π7MDeuT 990,982
RU EN vltm@πi1yDhC 679,807
SV EN vltm@π7wDaTh 1,386,876

Wordfast Pro

  1. Select and copy the API key for your language pair in the table above.
  2. From any open project in the Current Project view, click on the Project TM tab, click on the Connect to Remote icon, then the WFA Server tab.
  3. Give the TM a symbolic name (whatever you want to call it, e.g. vltm_fr_en for the French to English VLTM).
  4. Paste (using ctl + V or cmd + V) the API key from the table above in the API key field.
  5. Change the Priority from Primary to Secondary
  6. Click on Test.
  7. Click on OK.

Note: the TM will automatically be set to read-only once you click on OK.


Wordfast Pro 3

To use the VLTM in Wordfast Pro 3:

  1. From the menu bar, go to 'Translation Memory > New/Select TM > TM List > Add TM then click on the Wordfast Anywhere tab.
  2. Give the TM a symbolic name (whatever you want to call it, e.g. vltm_fr_en for the French to English VLTM).
  3. Paste (using ctl +V or cmd + V) the API key from the table above in the API Key field.
  4. Click on the Test... button.
  5. Click on OK.