Excluding Excel Columns/Rows in Wordfast Pro

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When you translate an Excel file, Wordfast Pro (WFP) allows you to exclude selected rows or columns. To exclude them, follow these two steps: First, make sure the not-to-be-translated rows or columns are hidden in the Excel file. Second, make sure the required setting is activated WFP:

  1. From the “Project List” view, go to Preferences WFP Preferences icon.
  2. Click Filters under “New Project Preferences”.[1]
  3. Under “Available filters”, choose the filter that matches your Excel file format (such as .xlsm).
  4. In “Format Settings” box, make sure “Skip hidden rows and columns” is ticked.
  5. Click OK to save changes.

Hide Columns in Excel.png

After you create a new project in WFP, hidden rows and columns will not be extracted for translation from Excel files. For complex Excel files, you can also use an XML configuration file to specify columns/rows to be translated.


  1. Note that any changes made under “New Project Preferences” will only affect future projects. If you want to change the preferences of an existing project, you need to open the project first, then modify preferences under “Current Project Preferences”. Furthermore, when re-using a project as a template during the project creation wizard, the project being created will inherit the preferences of the re-used project.