Fuzzy Terminology Recognition

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WFP Terminology Preferences
Fuzzy terminology recognition refers to the ability of translation software to spot terms that approximately match the term in a glossary. Fuzzy Terminology Recognition helps recognize words in their different forms.

Wordfast Pro

Wordfast Pro (WFP) offers automatic fuzzy terminology recognition and this feature is active by default. To disable it, click on WFP Preferences icon to open Preferences and access the Terminology tab. Uncheck the box at “Enable fuzzy term recognition". There is no manual terminology recognition in WFP.

Wordfast Pro 3

Wordfast Pro 3 offers both automatic and manual fuzzy terminology recognition. The manual option supports adding asterisks as wildcards at the end of terms. An asterisk signals there may be 0 or more characters at that place in the term in real sentences. So, computer* will match computer as well as computers, while green* solution* will also match greener solutions. For more details, refer to the section on Working with terminology in WFP3 online help.

Wordfast Classic

Wordfast Classic offers both automatic and manual fuzzy terminology. For details, refer to the online user manual.