Using a WFA TM in WFP or WFC

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For the basic instructions, please review VLTM in Wordfast Classic and VLTM in Wordfast Pro.

If you have an existing TM and you want to upload to the VLTM first and share it:

You can use/create your "Wordfast Anywhere" account ( just to share the TM in Wordfast Pro and/or Wordfast Classic as follows:

The most important part is the "unique confidential" Workgroup ID which will enable [only] you and whom you give this Workgroup ID to access the TM you uploaded to Wordfast Anywhere. Workgroup ID is case-sensitive, and only one letter or even case difference would make it non-functional.

If you have more questions about Wordfast Anywhere, you can join its Yahoo group.

--Yasmin Moslem 28 December 2011

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