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During the Spell Check process in Wordfast Pro (WFP), you have the option Add to Dictionary to tell the checker to ignore a word and to not consider it a spelling mistake.

A personal spellcheck dictionary in MacOS Finder
When you save a word in your personal spellcheck dictionary, WFP will save it in a file located in:
/Users/your-user-name/WordfastPro/spellcheck [1]

Your personal spellcheck dictionary file(s) are in this folder. The file name is the language code (say, ru-RU for Russian or en-US for American English) and the file extension is .personal, so the whole file name is, say, ru-RU.personal.

You can:

  • Edit the items in the spellcheck dictionary (say, to delete a wrong word you've added by mistake). You can open the file in a text editor, such as NotePad or TextEdit.
  • Back up your personal spellcheck dictionary (save a copy of it to a safe location).
  • Transfer your personal spellcheck dictionary to another computer.


  1. your-user-name will be your real user name on your computer, i.e. the whole path to the folder may be, say, C:/Users/David/WordfastPro/spellcheck in Windows or Mac HD › Users › David › WordfastPro › spellcheck in MacOS.