Installing WFC (MS Word 2013 for Windows)

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Installing Wordfast v. 6 in Word 2013, demonstrated by Dominique Pivard

The following instructions are for those who want to install Wordfast Classic in MS Word 2013. If you want to install Wordfast Classic in a different MS Word version, see How to install Wordfast Classic. If you want to install Wordfast Pro, see this page.

There are two steps to installation of Wordfast Classic into MS Word 2013:

  1. Adjust settings in Word 2013
  2. Install Wordfast Classic in Word 2013

Adjust settings in Word 2013

  • Go to File / Options in Word 2013.
  • Under Trust Center, click the Trust Center Settings button and then adjust the following settings:
  • Under Trusted Publishers, select any expired entry for Wordfast LLC and click the Remove button.
  • Under Trusted Locations, the Word 2013 Startup folder should be listed and the boxes at the bottom of the tab should not be ticked.
  • Under Add-Ins, make sure Disable all Application Add-ins is not ticked.
  • Under Macro Settings, select Disable all macros except digitally signed macros and tick the box labelled Trust access to the VBA project object model.
  • Under Message Bar, select Show the Message Bar in all applications...
  • Click OK twice to confirm both dialogues open in Word.

Install Wordfast Classic in Word 2013

  • Download the Wordfast Classic installation package and extract (unzip) it.
  • Double-click the extracted file (not the one in the installation package).
    • If MS Word warns you the file originates from the Internet and might be unsafe, click Enable editing.
    • If a security warning appears, saying Macros have been disabled, click the message itself rather than the Enable content button. Click the larger Enable content button and select Advanced options. Tick Trust all documents from this publisher and click OK.
  • Wordfast Classic installation will start automatically. If it doesn't, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+W to start it.
  • The installation is completed within seconds and a "congratulations" message is displayed. When you click OK to confirm the message, MS Word is restarted automatically and Wordfast Classic is ready to work. Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+W to activate Wordfast classic and display its toolbar. You're all done!