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When you translate in Wordfast Pro (WFP), you need to make sure all source tags[1] are properly placed in your translation. A missing or misplaced tag can cause serious problems – the translated document may be malformatted, a section may be missing, or you may be unable to save the translated document[2].

To find missing or misplaced tags in a document translated in WFP, here is a streamlined procedure in a few steps:

1. Open the translation in Wordfast Pro

Open the translated TXLF file in WFP (this procedure allows you to check one file at a time).

2. Adjust Transcheck settings

TransCheck in Wordfast Pro is a powerful tool that lets you check for many potential problems in your translation. However, if you need to check the tags because you suspect a tag error, it's great to only keep the Tag check activated and turn off all the other checks in Transcheck. To do this, go to Preferences in WFP, access the Transcheck tab and untick all the checks except Tag. Click OK to save and close the Preferences.

3. Run Transcheck

On the Review tab, click the Transcheck All icon. Close the Trancheck Report if it opens in your browser; you will not need it.

4. Filter out segments with Transcheck warnings

If Transcheck finds any potential tag errors, the translation environment marks the segments with a white question mark in a black circle in the Status column.

To check the segments with potential tag errors, it's great to hide all other segments. To do this, open the drop-down list for special filters in the bar just above your segments, click Segments with Transcheck warnings in the list, and then click the Filter Action icon next to it (the icon shows a magnifying glass).

5. Check and fix the tags

Now that you only see the segments with Transcheck warnings, look for those where the translation lacks a source tag or where the tags are in the wrong order and fix the errors by placing the tags where they should be in the translation.

6. Cancel the filter

When all tags are good, click the Reset Toolbar Fields icon next to the special filter (the icon shows an X) to cancel the filter and see all the segments in WFP again.


  1. See how to copy tags from source segments.
  2. The typical error message is An unexpected error occurred during align of the file. There was a problem while aligning word document.