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You can use the free Wordfast AutoAligner for aligning source and target documents translated manually, without a translation tool, and creating a translation memory.

  1. Log into your Wordfast Anywhere account, at FreeTM.com, or register for a free new account if you do not already have one.
  2. Under the File tab, click on the AutoAligner icon.
  3. This opens a new page for the Wordfast AutoAligner.
  4. Click on the Add files button, and locate the source and target documents, or drag and drop your files directly into the Filename box.
  5. You have an option that you can check if the document is multilingual. Wordfast AutoAligner automatically detects the languages in your documents.
  6. After adding your files, click the Start upload button.
  7. Wordfast AutoAligner processes the uploaded documents and auto-detects the languages.
  8. You can change directions of the alignment (source vs target) by clicking the Swap Languages button.
  9. Choose whether you want to download the TM now and/or receive it by email. You can also include formatting tags in the aligned segments.
  10. Click on the Align! button.
  11. Check your email inbox or wait for the alignment to finish, then save it to your computer. The alignment process creates a zip file containing the generated TM in both TXT and TMX formats.
  12. The zip file includes an Excel (*.xls) file which you can edit and upload to the TM Converter (under the Wordfast AutoAligner Tools tab > "Convert XLS/XLSX to Wordfast TM") to regenerate a TM after you have manually edited the initial, automated alignment.
The TXT file is the Wordfast TM, which you can use directly in Wordfast Classic and Wordfast Pro 3. For Wordfast Pro 5 (WFP5), you can import either the TXT or TMX TM into an existing WFP5 TM or import and create a new one. You can also upload your aligned TM for use in Wordfast Anywhere or add the TM or append it to an existing TM on Wordfast Server.


When appending an aligned TM to a WFC or WFP TM, you need to make sure the TM codes match. The Wordfast AutoAligner uses generic source and target language codes like EN, FR, DE, etc. and not variant specific codes like EN-US, FR-FR, DE-CH, etc. For example, if you have a FR-FR to EN-US TM on WFP5, you will not be able to import a FR to EN aligned TM from Wordfast AutoAligner into it. To do so, first open the TXT TM and perform the necessary find/replace (match case and whole words only) with matching destination TM codes.

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