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Wordfast Anywhere is offered free of charge.


All the data maintained by Wordfast LLC on your behalf is kept strictly confidential. Wordfast LLC will not reuse, sell, reveal, distribute or in any way disclose the data you entrust in our servers. We mean all data: documents, translation memories, glossaries, personal information, etc. Documents or accounts that are deleted by you are permanently and irretrievably erased. Email addresses are used only for rare technical communications concerning our service. They are not disclosed or commmunicated to any third party interest. We adamantly oppose spam. Note that if you lose or forget your password, it can be changed by clicking on the forgot password link. An email will be send to the email address your provided.

Size limitation

  • Up to 10 documents can be stored by Wordfast Anywhere at any given time. This does not limit you to 10 documents: once a document is translated, you can download then delete it from your workplace, making room for other documents to be uploaded. The 10-document limit only applies to the number of documents residing at one given time in our servers.
  • Documents: the maximum single upload size is 20 Mbytes; zipped documents are accepted. We recommend removing large graphics from documents, whenever that is possible.
Translation Memory
  • The limitation is 1,000,000 Translation Units (TUs) per TM. It takes an average full-time translator an estimated 20 years to generate one million TUs.
  • The max size TM for upload is 500,000 TUs. It is also limited by the file size with a maximum of 200 Mbytes (300 Mbytes for a TMX file).
  • The number of TMs by account is unlimited.
  • The max number of active TMs for a translation is 10.
  • The max number of active writable TMs for a translation is one.
  • Glossaries: the limitation is 1,000,000 glossary entries per glossary.
  • The max size glossary for upload is 100,000 entries.
  • The number of glossaries by account is unlimited.
  • The max number of active glossaries for a translation is 10.
  • The max number of active writable glossaries for a translation is one.

Machine Translation

5 providers can be configured. 4 of them are paid services.

  • WorldLingo which is free of use and set by default.
  • Google Translate
  • Microsoft Translator
  • iTranslate4.eu
  • Iconic

Termination of Service

  • Account: If an account has not been accessed for six months, the account's owner will receive a notification that her/his account will be deleted in 20 days. To cancel the upcoming account termination, simply log once into your Wordfast Anywhere account. If no access is made to the account within 10 days, a second notification will be emailed. If no access is made within 10 days of the second notification, the account will be deleted, together with its content (documents, TMs, glossaries).
  • Documents: Documents that have not been accessed, edited, or used for more than 3 months will be deleted at the end of the 4th month, after two emailed warnings.

Policy changes

Terms are subject to change. However, major policy changes that may affect your work will be published at www.wordfast.com, www.wordfast.net, and in our Yahoo! mailing list well in advance so that existing jobs can be completed.