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Cannot log in to Wordfast Anywhere

Wordfast Anywhere is a web application where the communication between your local browser and the remote server may be in trouble. If you cannot connect or cannot work properly, try the following:

  1. Log out and in again.
  2. Check cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are not using the browser in incognito/private mode.
  3. If it still does not work, try to refresh the page, then log in.
  4. If it still does not work, try to clean your browser cache as it may contain old files. This operation is different on each browser and version. To know how to clean your cache try this cache help page 1 and/or this cache help page 2 . Then refresh the page and log in.

Warning.png We recommend to use Chrome or FireFox browsers as some cookie problems have been detected on IE and Safari.

Wordfast Anywhere Manual

Check the Wordfast Anywhere Manual for more information.

Can I get help and support?

Yes, please use the Bug report button on Help tab. We will do our best to assist you. You can also Post at Wordfast_Anywhere@yahoogroups.com for the community help.

How can I change my password

Follow this steps if you want to change your password or yo do not remember it.

Go to www.freetm.com and click on the Forgot my password link.

This will take you to new page where you need to enter you login email address of your account. An email will be send to this email address with a link to reset your password.


In case your login email address is not a valid one, just check My login is not a valid email address and enter a valid email address where we can send the reset link.

Check your email account for an email from support.anywhere@wordfast.net with the subject Change your password. If you don't see the email, please check the Spam folder.


The link will take you to a page where you need to enter a new password and confirm it to be sure it correct.


After that your password will be changed and you'll be logged into Wordfast Anywhere.


How can I fix a document when download failed?

There are many complex reasons that make a download to fail. This are most frequent ones are:

Here are some steps to follow to fix the possible problems:

Why do I get a zip file when downloading?

When downloading a file, there are some reasons why you can get a compressed to ZIP format (*.zip) file insted of the original source file extension:

All this situations may create some havoc on our server file system or when attaching the file to be send by email. To prevent that, we use zip files as a container to be sure there will be no naming problem. We also keep the original name of the file inside the zip, so file name is not changed.

Follow this link about how to open a ZIP file

If I cannot download the translated document, is it possible to have at least the translated segments to copy/paste them?

Yes, you can download the file in 'Text only' format.

The text will be downloaded in a text file without formatting.

What shall I do with the red number inside a segment?

The red numbers are tags representing a formatting in the original document. Avoid removing them and try to put them properly in the target segment. This is a simple alternative to a fully WYSIWYG display of the document.

Can I upload and translate a pre-segmented document file (pre-segmented or pre-translated with Wordfast Classic)?

At the moment, it is only possible for TXML files. For all other files, it is not possible, Wordfast Anywhere accepts only cleaned documents. An alternative would be to clean up a copy of your segmented document in order to create a memory. Then, you can upload the cleaned document and the memory.

Can I download a Wordfast Classic-compatible bilingual document file?

This is possible for a MS-Word document (*.doc, *.docx).

When I am about to download the file, a dialog box says that some non translated segments remain - how can we go back to them?

There are two ways to go to the non translated segments.

  1. Use Outline.
    • Click on Show/Hide Outline button on View tab.
    • Translated segments are displayed with a green square and non translated ones with a grey square.
  2. Use Find & Replace.
    • Click on Find & Replace button on Edit tab.
    • Go to Miscellaneous tab
    • Choose Untranslated and click on Find button.
    • Untranslated segments will be search and result will be displayed on a list. To view the list use the MoveNextScreen.png button.

Wordfast Anywhere cannot upload my MS-Office file, why?

Sometimes the original file can be in a corrupted state.

How can I recover a document that has been accidentaly deleted?

There is no direct way to recover a deleted document. But there is a workaround:

How can I upload a PDF document?

Non-editable documents (PDF) can not be uploaded directly to WFA because they contains images of text, rather than actual text. But they can be uploaded and it will be transformed to Word, which can be uploaded into WFA.

Just upload the PDF document and follow the instructions on the disclimer which basically is to download a Word version of the file using the button at the bottom of the disclaimer, review it to be sure the conversion is fine and finally upload the word version to be translated. Once the document has been translated you'll be able to download it as PDF.

The PDF to Word conversion process may take some time depending on the size and content of the PDF, be patient.

How do I use FireFox spellcheck for my language?

You need to install at least the dictionary of your language. See details in this video


How can I change the TM language pair?

Wordfast Anywhere is TM and glossary centred.

You cannot change the language pair for a document, you have to change the TM and glossary which are being used on the document.

So, if you want to change the TM language pair, because you need a new pair or you want to change the pair that you set on your first login, you need to add a new TM with the new language pair you want to use (read bellow).

Once the new TM is added, you need to use this TM marking it as "Active" for the document.

WFA Quick Tips: Change Working Languages

How can I add a new Translation Memory?

Follow this link: Add a new TM

How can I get my Translation Memory?

Can I share a Translation Memory with my colleagues?

Yes, you can share a TM and a glossary over the world to chosen guests.

How can I join a Translation Memory shared by my colleague?

You will find the shared TMs on your list of TMs.

A shared TM will have an icon indicating it is shared, and passing the mouse over it will provide more information.

Also clicking on the Share button will open the TMs and Glossaries Shares dialog where mor information could be found on My shares from other users section.

Why do I have no match in my TM on repetitive phrases?

The repetitive phrase should represent at least 50% of the entire sentence. The TM is searching similarity on the entire sentence. The minimum fuzzy Threshold is 50% and the default value is 70%. You have 2 solutions to overcome that problem:

There is no match on a similar sentence just following the translated one

The problem occurs because the search for the following segment is done while you are translating the current one. When you are in that case, just click on Force TM Search button on TMs & Glossaries tab.


How can I add, edit or delete glossary entries?

  1. Click on Term Edition button on TM & Glosaries tab or Ctrl+Alt+T.
  2. Fill the dialog and validate with OK, the term should appear in the Glossary panel.
  1. A sentence containing that term should be opened or you just create one.
  2. Click on the term in the glossary panel to open the glossary dialog box.
  1. Click on Glossary Search button on TM & Glosaries tab or Ctrl+Alt+G.
  2. An independent browser window will be opened (care popup blocker)
  3. You can search and edit terms directly in that window.


What are the supported browsers?

Wordfast Anywhere support Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome for recent versions. However, you can try any browser.

I cannot click on a top menu bar button. Why are some buttons on the top menu bar not available?

Warning.png Some buttons will be available when more than one file is selected from the document list.

Warning.png Some buttons will be available only when a document is opened.

Warning.png Some buttons will NOT be available when a document is opened.

A shortcut does not work, can I change it?

Yes,you can change it.

  1. Click on Setup button on Wordfast Anywhere tab and go to the Shortcuts tab.
  2. Select the shortcut line and click on the upd link.
  3. Set a new key combination and clikc on Update

However, you may have trouble with Opera (prevent many for its own usage).

When I click on Concordance Search or Glossary search, nothing happens!

Yes, it may happen if your browser popup blocker is activated. Add an exception for http://www.freetm.com

Why are there blinking colors in the status bar?

It means that there is a background process:

You can work while the colors are displayed. However, if you scroll while a color is displayed, the red message busy will appear, and you will have to wait.

Could you tell me more about <Beginning of block> and <End of block> ?

To fasten the application, a document may be partially loaded. In that case, the document chunk is marked with 2 of the following tags:

A block is a chunk of document, not corresponding with a page or any existing subdivision. When translating, the next sentences are added bit by bit to the initially loaded block of sentences. Each time a segment is modified, the document is saved on the server. So don't worry, if you cannot visualize all your document.

I have a missing button image or missing the Twitter "Follow @wordfast_freetm" button

This can come from the AdBlock or similar program extension in your browser. Please add the freetm.com domain to program's exception list.

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