WFA Pandora's box 4: Configure document's translation with proofreading

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This feature is related with the document's share feature. If both the translator and the proofreader are using Wordfast Anywhere there is no need to download and send the Txml file. Just the translator share the file (see File menu > share/revoke Document) and then the proofreader can see it and open it.

The current feature is used with a shared TM. For the translator it is necessary to set the score for validating a segment under 100. Which means when he opens his own segment which he validated before, it will appear with a yellow background. The proofreader need to set the segment score to 100. When a segment validated by the proofreader is opened, it will appear with a green background. Note that the segment score has nothing to do with a TM match score. Because of the use of a shared TM, the translator and the proofreader should enter the same proofreading mark for the TM. It is kept as a TU attribute and when the the translator open a segment already approved by the proofreader, the segment score will be 100 and will not need to be revised by the proofreader. The proofreader will only revised segment that are displayed with a yellow background.