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You can use the Wordfast Classic feature Terminology > Reference > External dictionaries to use your dictionary applications while using Wordfast.[1] Here are some examples:

Roberts Collins Electronic Dictionary

Miranda Joubioux wrote: The Robert & Collins electronic dictionary 2004 - 500,000 words and expressions and more than a million translations - is rather tiresome because when you try to link it to Wordfast, the ordinary Robert;{SearchWord}{Enter} keys do not work, for the simple reason that the next time a word is selected and the Wordfast dictionary link is used, it is added on to the previous word.

To avoid this the previous word needs to be removed. Here are the keys that you need to do this, making it much more efficient.


I have tested this, and although a bip sound can be heard, it is fully functional. As far as I know this can be applied to other electronic bilingual dictionaries by Roberts & Collins.

Oxford Superlex Dictionary

Julio A. Juncal suggested the following:

Oxford Superlex for Windows;{SearchWord}{Enter}

Talking Quareeb

Yasmin wrote: I have a dictionary that works with:

Talking Quareeb;{SearchWord}

Talking Quareeb is the name appearing on the title bar of the dictionary while it is open. My dictionary does not require pressing "Enter" after typing the "search word", though.


  1. There are some colleagues who suggest using alternative tools such as IntelliWebSearch and Multifultor, or even multi-dictionary applications such as GoldenDict and Lingoes.