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How to Translate TagEditor TTX Files in Wordfast Pro, demonstrated by Yasmin Moslem

Ask your client to pre-translate the TTX file in Trados even against an empty TM and send you the *segmented* TTX file to be able to open and translate in Wordfast Pro. You can even do this yourself in the DEMO version of Trados 2007.

Open Trados 2007 Workbench > Tools > Translate > Add (to select the TTX file) > (check) Segment unknown sentences > Translate. (A demo version of Trados should be enough for doing this yourself.)

You can use Ctrl+Alt+X or Alt+Delete to remove the content of a target segment. If you want to remove the content of ALL the target segments before starting the translation, you can use the shortcut Alt+Shift+Delete.

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