Translating XML Files in Wordfast Pro

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Translation of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) files[1] usually requires some localization experience or a localization engineer the translator can work with. The general workflow to handle XML files in Wordfast Pro is as follows:

  1. You first need to have/create an extraction rules (*.properties) file.[2]
  2. Go to the Wordfast Pro menu > Preferences > New Project Preferences > Filters.[3]
  3. Click on the Add button.
  4. Choose the file format Text-based filter (*xml).
  5. Give your filter a name (e.g. the client's name).
  6. Use UTF-8 for the encoding and target encoding unless the XML source file is in another encoding.
  7. Use the Browse... button next to "Extraction rules" to locate the extraction rules (*.properties) file.
  8. Make sure the "Extension" field shows *.xml and save the settings by pressing OK.
  9. Now, when creating a new project, you can add the XML file and it will use this newly created filter. If you have more than one customized XML filter, you will be able to choose which filter to use when adding the XML file.


  1. See the Wikipedia article on XML or search the web for information about XML.
  2. This tutorial illustrates how to prepare extraction rules (*.properties) file to handle XML files. For practice, you can download example files. Finally, if you are struggling, you can also log in to your user account at and submit a hotline request for help creating extraction rules.
  3. If you want to add an XML file to an existing project, open the project first, then open Preferences > Current Project Preferences > Filters and go to step 3.