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Wordfast (Classic, Pro or Anywhere) cannot open a TXT memory supplied by a client. Wordfast will typically report:

C:\... filename.txt is a Trados Text TM, not a Wordfast TM. (Wordfast Classic)
Failed to connect. Translation memory header is invalid. (Wordfast Pro)


Although the TM is a text file with the TXT extension, just like a Wordfast TM, it has a different structure because it was exported from Trados. If one opens the file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad), its opening lines will read:

Trados TXT in Notepad.png


Use ApSIC Xbench[1] to convert the Trados TXT file to the TMX file format. Any of the Wordfast tools can open TMX TMs.

To do this with With ApSIC Xbech, follow these two steps:

  1. To open the Trados TXT file in ApSIC Xbench, select Project > New > Add, set File type to Trados Exported Memory, and navigate to the Trados TXT file.
  2. To export the file from ApSIC Xbench to TMX, select Tools > Export items and set Output to TMX.


  1. ApSIC Xbench is a third-party software tool, available free of charge at the ApSIC website (as of June 2012).