Problem writing XLIFF document – Can't add Word file to project

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If you try to add an MS Word file (.doc or .docx) to a project and you see the following error:

WFP problem writing xliff document.png

the most likely cause for this is corrupt code somewhere in the document. Often, the internal corruption is related to bookmarks or footnotes/endnotes.

MS Word may be able to automatically fix the problem but you will first need to turn off Track Changes. Sometimes, this is enough, and you will be able to add the file to your project.

To deactivate Track Changes, open the file in MS Word, go to the Review tab, and click on the Track Changes button to turn it off. Save your file, then try to add it to the project again.

If it still fails, please sign in to your account and contact the hotline, sending them the file to try and reproduce the problem.