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Search TM for expressions

During a translation session, if WFC does not find an exact or fuzzy match in the TM, it can perform a search for expressions in the current TM.

If the expression search yields a result, WFC will display the TU that produced the result, and highlight the source exprescsion in light blue as if it were a recognised term. You will know that it's not a recognised glossary entry because: 1. it's usually a rather long expression; 2. when using Ctrl+Alt+left/right to select this item, no translation will appear in the status bar; 3. normally, you've translated it not long ago.

The purpose of this expression search is to avoid re-typing long expressions that are repetitive in a project. You can copy-paste the expression's translation into the target segment.

If you check the "Search concordance in all sibling translation memories" option in WFC/Terminology, the concordance search will be extended to other TMs present in the same folder as the currently active TM.

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