New vs Current Project Preferences

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When you open Wordfast preferences (F9) from the Project List view or from Quick Tools, you will see three sections:

  1. General Preferences
  2. New Project Preferences
  3. User Preferences

However, when you open Wordfast preferences from the Current Project view or the TXLF Editor, you will notice a slight difference:

  1. General Preferences
  2. Current Project Preferences
  3. User Preferences

It is important to understand the difference between New and Current Project Preferences.

New Project Preferences are the default preferences for any newly created project. If you modify these preferences, these modifications will only affect projects that you create from then on.

Current Project Preferences are the preferences for an existing project. If you modify them, the modifications will only affect this project. Furthermore, if you reuse this project as a template when creating a new project, your new project will inherit the preferences of the reused project, not your default new project preferences.