Merging Translation Memories

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If you have two translanslation memories that are in the same domain and have the exact same language pair, e.g. Legal EN-GB > FR-FR and you would like to merge the two TMs, you can use the procedure below.

Assuming both TMs are added to the same project, you first need to export one of the TMs in the TMX format:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Go to the Project TM tab.
  3. Click the secondary TM once to select it.
  4. Click the Export TM button.
  5. In the Export Translation Memory window that opens, choose a File Location for the TM you are exporting by clicking the Browse... button.
  6. Choose a folder to save the file to (it's best to create a special folder for TMs in the TMX format), then type a name for the TM you are exporting in the File name field.
  7. Click OK. A progress bar will appear and once the export process completes, you'll see a report saying "XXXXX TUs have been exported".
  8. Click OK to close the report.

Now you need to import the TM you exported above:

  1. Still on the Project TM tab, click once the primary TM to select it.
  2. Click the Import TM button.
  3. In the Import Translation Memory window that opens, first choose the file you wish to import by clicking the Browse... button to the right of the Import File field.
  4. Having located and added the TMX you exported above, now click the second radio button that says Import into existing TM.
  5. In the first field, Existing TM, your primary TM should already be selected but if it is not, select it from the drop-down list.
  6. Choose what you wish to happen in case of identical translation units (TUs). There are four options: Add as a new TU (this will create duplicate TUs), Do not overwrite (this will skip the repeated TUs), Overwrite existing TUs (the new TU will delete the old one), and Overwrite if attributes are identical (this will only overwrite the old TUs if the TU creator attribute is the same user).
  7. Click OK to complete the import process. A progress bar will be displayed and then a report saying how many TUs have been imported successfully.

When the merge process is complete, you can remove the second TM from your project.