Machine Translation connection failed

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If you see the "Machine Translation connection failed" or a similar error message, perform the following checks before contacting the hotline:



If you are using DeepL, make sure that:

  1. You have entered the correct authentication (API) key. You can test your authentication key on the DeepL simulator:
  2. The subscription plan you have purchased is "DeepL Pro Advanced" or "DeepL Pro Ultimate" as only these plans allow usage in CAT tools.
  3. You have selected "Default" for "Formality" if your target language does not support the "Formality" setting. You can check this here:
  4. The current segment you are trying to translate using MT is not too big, i.e. it might contain many tags or bookmarks (hidden) that cause the segment to exceed the maximum allowed size in bytes.

Microsoft Translator

If you are using Microsoft Translator, make sure that:

  1. You have selected the correct region.