MS Word Spellchecker in Wordfast Pro 4

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The default spellchecker in Wordfast Pro 4 is Hunspell. If the spellchecker does not work for your target language, you may need to download the dictionary for that language. To download additional dictionaries, click on the Help tab, then the Wordfast 4 Update icon.

If you are running Wordfast Pro 4 on a PC only, you can use Microsoft Word’s spellchecker instead (granted you have MS Word installed on your PC). To choose the MS Word spellchecker:

  1. Click on the Wordfast 4 tab, then Preferences (or press F9).
  2. Under Translation Preferences, click on Spellchecker.
  3. Tick the radio button next to Microsoft Office.
  4. Click on OK.

Note: We strongly advise against enabling the option ”Check for spelling errors as you type”. Spelling should be checked after translation to prevent you from being interrupted and to allow you to make batch changes (Change All) for frequently misspelled words. Furthermore, checking for spelling errors as you type takes up a lot of memory and can slow down Wordfast Pro 4.

--John 11:16, 18 August 2016 (CEST)