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Wordfast Classic (WFC) is a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) program designed as a Microsoft Word(tm) (thereafter written Ms-Word) add-on. Its primary purpose is to assist professional translators dealing with Ms-Word documents. WFC combines three core technologies: Segmentation, Translation Memory (TM), Terminology Recognition (TR). The reader who is not familiar with these concepts can read Appendix I for an overwiew.

WFC offers advanced terminology functions: three simultaneous glossaries, concordance search in unlimited numbers of TMs, reference search in various documents formats, links to various terminology databases, etc. The client's critical terminology can easily be entered in a WFC glossary, usually by copy-pasting; all segments will be checked for terminology consistency during the translation process.

WFC includes real-time Quality Assurance functions that include a typography checker, a terminology compliance checker, etc. Documents can be verified in batch mode so that project managers can have a detailed report on the typography/terminology quality of the documents they receive after translation.

WFC's TM format is open - it can be viewed or edited with Ms-Word(tm), Excel(tm), Access(tm) and many other popular programs. Furthermore, WFC ran read from or write into the TMX format used by other translation tools like those TWB (Trados Translator's Workbench(tm)), DéjàVu(tm), Star Star Transit(tm), SDL Suite(tm), MemoQ(tm), etc.

All this power is packed into a compact Ms-Word template, for Ms-Word versions 2000 to 2016, as well as Ms-Word for Mac 2011. An unlimited number of users can share the same translation memory and/or background memory over a local area network. WFC can also be linked to a Machine Translation (MT) program or server (locally or through a network) to provide MT when no match is found in the TM.

Translation managers can develop project-specific extensions to meet specific requirements thanks to Ms-Office's programming platform (VBA) used by WFC.

Our hope is that this tool will help you increase productivity and provide a better work environment.

The Wordfast Team

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