Extracting the contents of textboxes into a new document Wordfast Classic

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Q: I want to run a word count of all the text contained in textboxes in my document.

A: Run the following macro. It will create a new document containing all text found in textboxes.

Sub ExtractFromTextBoxes()

Dim I As Integer, J as Integer, Boite As Variant, ThisDoc As Document

ActiveWindow.View.Type = wdPrintView

Set ThisDoc = ActiveDocument

DocName = ThisDoc.FullName


On Local Error Resume Next

' Convert InlineShapes (anchored shapes) to regular shapes

For Each Boite In ThisDoc.InlineShapes



' I > 0 indicates there are still ungrouped textboxes to process

' J is just a security to avoid looping endlessly.

I = 1: J = 0

While I > 0 And J < 10000

' Ungroup grouped shapes

For Each Boite In ThisDoc.Shapes



' make sure all textboxes were ungrouped

' (embedded groupings may need more than one pass to be ungrouped)

For Each Boite In ThisDoc.Shapes

I = 0: I = Boite.GroupItems.Count

If I > 0 Then Exit For


J = J + 1


For Each Boite In ThisDoc.Shapes

With Boite.TextFrame

If a textbox has text, copy it into the empty document

If .HasText Then

Selection.InsertAfter .TextRange


Selection.Start = Selection.End

End If

End With


' Ungrouping usually creates a mess:

' close the original document without saving it

ThisDoc.Close 0

End Sub

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