Connecting Wordfast Pro to Modern MT

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Currently (Jan 2021), Wordfast Pro (WFP) does not have a dedicated setting to connect it to Modern MT. However, the connection can be set up using the flexible Custom MT option in Wordfast Pro 5.19 (or newer).

To do this, go to Preferences > Machine Translation in WFP. Tick Enable Custom MT and then fill in these details:

JSON key: translation
Header: MMT-ApiKey=8888888888888,X-HTTP-Method-Override=GET

Important notes:

  1. In the URL string, update the ISO language codes as you need. Our example uses en for English in source and fr for French in target. If you translate, for example, Japanese to Chinese (China), the string to use is{ss}. ModernMT publish all language codes they support in a geeky way at
  2. In the Header string, replace 8888888888888 with your API key. If you haven't got one, you can buy it from the service provider, i.e. Modern MT (it's a third party to Wordfast, so we offer no support on this).