Changing Machines in Wordfast Pro

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You have a new computer and you want to move your Wordfast Pro (WFP) assets to it. Here is what you’ll need to do.

Installing and Licensing

You first need to register the license on your new computer. Do not use the old license or activation key. When you install WFP on a new computer, you need to generate a new activation key from your user account at For more information about licensing, click here to learn how to license Wordfast.

Copying and Pasting Project Folders

Locate your project folders on the old computer and put them into the WFP folder on your new machine. Open WFP on your new machine. In the "Project List" view, click Add Project, browse to and select the project folder you’d like to add. Click on Open to add the project in WFP on your new computer.

Translation Memories & Glossaries

As for your translation memories (TMs) and glossaries, you need to know where they are on the old computer. Once you find them, copy them (TMs and glossaries are not single files but a folder containing multiple database files) onto the new computer. Because the file path on your new computer will likely be different, you will probably have to re-add them to projects to re-establish the link:

  1. Open your project, then click on the Project TM tab.
  2. Click Add Local.
  3. Locate the TM folder and click on OK.
  4. Do the same for glossaries.

Exporting and Importing Project Preferences

  1. Go to Preferences.
  2. Under “User Preferences”, Click Advanced Settings.
  3. Click on Export, select all settings you want to migrate as default on the new computer.
  4. Click on Export and browse to the location to save the .pref file.[1]
  5. On the new computer, with no project open, go to “User Preferences” and click on Advanced Settings.
  6. Choose Import and browse to the location of the .pref file.

This should allow you to have the same default settings for newly created projects on the new workstation as on the old on


  1. We recommend creating a “Preferences” folder on your computer where you can save these .pref files. Once you have exported your preferences into it, simply copy the folder onto your new computer and follow steps 5 and 6.