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Select BTM: A background translation memory (BTM) is a read-only translation memory which WFC will scan for exact or fuzzy matches after scanning the current TM. If a match is found in the BTM, Ms-Word’s status bar and a beep sound will inform the translator that the proposition comes from the BTM. In the AutoSuggest drop-down list, BTM propositions have a match score in green, rather than in blue.

Make sure the "This BTM is active" checkbox is checked for the BTM to be used.

Which TM comes first?

By default, if the BTM is used, the BTM is preferred over the TM. If the BTM and the TM (and WFS or WFA, when applicable) yield Translation Units (TUs or "matches") with the same match rate, the BTM's TU will be displayed first. The Alt+right/left shortcuts can be used to display other TUs.

Note that there is a setting in the AutoSuggest (AS) setup in the WFC that decides which proposition (from the TM, BTM, WFA, WFS, MT1, MT2, etc.) is pasted in the empty target segments when the segment opens.

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