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AutoSuggest (AS) suggests TM matches and placeables in a drop-down list. You can continue typing and ignore the suggestion, or press Enter to "grab" the suggestion. Suppose the source segment contains proper names like "Zbigniew Brzeziński" or "Grossbliederstroff": AS will suggest those names as soon as a capital A or G is typed. Speed and reliability are the two advantages of AS.

At this time, TM and MT propositions can be proposed, as well as "placeables". Placeables comprise known terminology ("known" terminology is highlighted in the source segment if a glossary is active and contains one or more source terms), and elements in the source segment that could be untranslatable.

Segments from the Translation Memory

This option will pop up a list of TM matches, 100% or fuzzy, as soon as a new segment opens. Other shortcuts and methods (Alt+left/right to cycle through the various segment propositions, if applicable, or Ctrl+Alt+M to display more detail from the TM) remain effective.

Segments from Machine Translation

If MT is set up in the Translation Memory / MT pane, machine-translated segments wil appear in the AS drop-down list.

Subsegments from Translation Memory

Subsegments from the TM will be proposed whenever possible.

Subsegments from Machine Translation

Subsegments from MT will be proposed whenever possible.

Placeables = Case,CASE,123,{[<word>]},wo@#rd

If WFC senses that some source terms are likely to be untranslatables, they will be suggested as soon as you begin to type them in the target segment. This setting fine-tunes how placeables are defined. The default setting is made of items separated with commas, which can be edited or remove, and have the following meanings:

  • CASE: all upper-case words are considered placeables, like CAT;
  • Case: words with an upper-case first letter are considered placeables like Wordfast;
  • cAse: words with a mixed case are considered placeables, like parAmeter;
  • 123: numbers (or combinations of letters and numbers) are considered placeables, like TM0010;
  • {[<word>]}: words between enclosing characters are considered placeables, like <SOME TEXT>, (some text);
  • wo@#rd: words containing @ or # are considered placeables, like or part#100.

Terminology from glossaries

If you begin to type two or more letters that match a source or target terminology that WFC has recognized in the source segment, a suggestion for AutoSuggest will pop up.

Disable AS until I press Escape (AS on-demand)

If AS is annoying, check this option. AS will be active only when you press Escape, and only for the duration of the currently opened segment.

Enable AS on already-translated segments

By default, AS is active only on new segments at the moment when they are created. This option will enable AS even when you revise, or open again existing segments. Check this option if, for example, your client sends you already-segmented documents for revision or post-edition.

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