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To use the VLTM in Wordfast Pro:

  • First verify that a VLTM for your language pair exists. The available language pairs are: CS>EN, DA>EN, DE>EN, DE>FR, EL>EN, EN>AR, EN>CS, EN>DA, EN>DE, EN>EL, EN>ES, EN>FI, EN>FR, EN>HE, EN>HU, EN>IT, EN>JA, EN>NL, EN>NO, EN>PL, EN>PT, EN>RU, EN>SV, EN>ZT, ES>EN, FI>EN, FR>EN, FR>ES, HE>EN, HU>EN, IT>EN, JA>EN, NL>DE, NL>EN, NO>EN, PL>EN, PT>EN, RU>EN, SK>EN, SV>EN, ZT>EN.
  • Translation Memory > New/Select TM > TM list > Add TM > click on the "GLTM" tab
  • Copy and paste the following link into the URL field: wf://SS>TT@
  • Replace the SS>TT with your respective source and target language codes (e.g. EN>AR - EN is the English language code, and AR is the target language code. Other language codes include DE for German, FR for French, IT, for Italian, JA for Japanese, etc.).
  • Click on the "Test..." button.
  • Click on "OK".

VLTM Graphic-1.png

  • You can eventually change the symbolic name to something else if you want (e.g. VLTM_EN<AR).

VLTM Graphic-2.png

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