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How mark text as untranslatable

Generally, any text that is marked as hidden will not be visible after importing the file for translation into Wordfast and, therefore, it will remain untranslated. To find out how to mark text as untranslatable in MS Word and handle RTF files prepared with the style tw4winExternal, please refer to this article: Marking Text as Untranslatable.

Q. I got a Word document including some comments, and the client asked me not to translate comments. How can I exclude the comments from translation without having to remove them from the source document?

In Wordfast Pro 5, comments from an MS Word document are excluded from translation by default. While Wordfast Pro 3 and Wordfast Anywhere require marking any source text that doesn't need to be translated as "hidden" in MS Word before uploading the document for translation, Wordfast Pro 5 enables you to mark text as untranslatable within the tool. This refers not only to MS Word comments but other file formats as well. In Wordfast Pro 5, you can browse for available filters for different file formats and format settings and customize filters for different projects depending on requirements. Let us look at the example with MS Word file:

  1. Select Preferences from the Wordfast drop-down menu.
  2. Click Filters under New Project Preferences.
  3. To select the file filter settings for the open project, click a filter to list the current settings in the Format Settings pane. For example, click "MS Word Document" and you will see that comments are already marked as extracted from translation. Tick the box if you would like to make comments translatable.

Extract comments.png

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.7

Operating System: macOS

--Alina 27 January 2019