Fuzzy Terminology Recognition

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Fuzzy terminology refers to terms that approximately match the term from the glossary. Fuzzy Terminology Recognition helps recognize words in their different forms.

It is important to note that, in Wordfast Pro 5, the Automatic Terminology Recognition feature is active by default. To disable it (on Mac), go to Wordfast Pro > Preferences > Terminology, and uncheck the box near “Enable fuzzy term recognition".

FTR - WF Pro5.png

If you would like to use Manual Fuzzy Terminology Recognition in Wordfast Pro, note that, unlike Fuzzy Terminology Recognition (FTR) in Wordfast Classic, Manual Fuzzy Terminology Recognition in Wordfast Pro does NOT support initial asterisks in any word of a term. Only asterisks at the end of a word or after the first three letters are supported. Let’s look at a few examples:

1) Ending asterisks:

event* (e.g. events)
historic* event* (e.g. historical events)

2) Middle asterisks:

anti*reflective (anti-reflective)

There is a difference between automatic and manual fuzzy terminology recognition. Each uses different mechanisms in recognizing fuzzy terms. Nowadays, automatic fuzzy terminology recognition is quite advanced, although, in some special cases, manual recognition could give more accurate results.

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.7

Operating System: macOS

--Alina, 12 January 2019 based on --Yasmin Moslem, from 25 February 2012