Fuzzy Terminology Recognition

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Fuzzy Terminology Recognition (FTR) refers to recognizing inflections of a term included in a Wordfast active glossary (although such inflections have not been added to that glossary). It can be manual through the use of asterisks (*) or automatic through checking this option in a glossary's tab in Wordfast Classic.

Automatic Fuzzy Terminology Recognition

You can check this option "Use fuzzy terminology recognition" under each Wordfast glossary tab to enhance recognition of some cases.

Manual Fuzzy Terminology Recognition

Adding an asterisk to the end of the source term (or more accurately at the end of any word of the term) can help recognize the word+endings.

But what if you want to make Wordfast recognize some differences at the beginning or in the middle of a word? Actually, you can add an asterisk wherever you think it would be useful. Again, remember that WF 5.60X and the later versions support initial asterisks. So, now you can also add asterisks at the beginning of a term to recognize prefixes+term (but you cannot add an asterisk in the following 3 letters). So let us have examples:

1- Ending asterisks:

machine* (e.g. machines)
electric* machine* (e.g. electrical machines)

2- Middle asterisks:

anti*reflective (anti-reflective)

3- Initial asterisks:

*installation (e.g. uninstallation)

As for the difference between automatic and manual fuzzy terminology recognition, actually they are not the same. Each of them has different mechanisms in recognizing fuzzy terms. Of course, some results could be the same. But in some special cases, the manual way could give more accurate results.

Fuzzy Terminology Recognition in Wordfast Pro

In Wordfast Pro, the same concept is used. However, notice the following:

  • Automatic Fuzzy Terminology Recognition is active by default. To disable it, go to Edit > Preferences > Terminology, and check "Disable automatic fuzzy terminology recognition".
  • Manual Fuzzy Terminology Recognition in Wordfast Pro does NOT support initial asterisks in any word of a term at all. Only asterisks at the end of a word or after the first three letters are supported.

--Yasmin Moslem 25 February 2012