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Wordfast Online Aligner, demonstrated by Yasmin Moslem

You can use Wordfast Online Aligner for aligning source and target documents translated manually, without a translation tool, and creating a translation memory.

  • Log into your Wordfast Anywhere account, at: www.FreeTM.com, or register for a free new account if you do not already have one.
  • Open Tools menu, and click: Align Your Files.
  • This opens a new webpage for Wordfast Online Aligner.
  • Click Add Files, and locate the source and target documents.
  • You have an option that you can check if the document is multilingual. Wordfast Online Aligner automatically detects the languages in your documents.
  • After adding your files, click Start Upload.
  • Now, Wordfast Online Aligner is processing the uploaded documents.
  • The languages has been auto-detected.
  • You can swap the languages by clicking the "Swap Languages" button.
  • Now, enter the email address to which you want to send the translation memory file, and click: Align Now.
  • Check your email inbox. You should receive a zip file containing the generated TM.
  • The zip archive includes an Excel (*.xls) file which you can adjust and upload to the online TM Converter (under the Wordfast AutoAligner "Tools" tab > "Excel to Wordfast") to regenerate a TM after the changes you make, if needed.
  • It includes also a TM in the TMX format.
The TXT file is the Wordfast TM, which you can use directly in any of Wordfast applications.