Turning US financial number formatting into French Wordfast Classic

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This means changing US thousand separators (commas) into non-breaking spaces, and US decimal separators (full stops) into commas. Here is a two-pass method:

Find what .([0-9][0-9])>
Replace with ,\1
Use Wildcards


Find what ([0-9]),([0-9][0-9][0-9])
Replace with \1^s\2
Use Wildcards

This method is offered as sample in Wordfast's Pandora's box commands. Note that Wordfast's "FR" command executes FR actions only in the current target segment, at segment validation time. Use this FR in automatic mode ("Replace all") if the figures and numbers in your document are essentially financial. If, however, your document mixes scientific figures with financial figures, I recommend using this FR method with a visual confirmation for each replacement (in Ms-Word's "Find" dialog box, click "Find Next" and "Replace" rather than "Replace all").

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