Translating XLIFF Files in Wordfast Pro

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Wordfast Pro supports translation of XLIFF files. The file extension for such files may be XLIFF, XLF, SDLXLIFF (Trados SDL variant), or MQXLIFF (MemoQ variant).[1]

To translate a XLIFF file, follow the steps as with any other supported file type:

  1. Open or Create a project and add the XLIFF file as the source file.
  2. Translate like you normally do.
  3. Upon finishing your translation, click on the Save File As Translated icon (or, alternatively, clean up the project) to save the file as its native format.

The translated file will have the original file name extension (such as .xlf or .sdlxliff) and will be ready to be used in the original XLIFF software.


  1. The Wordfast Pro internal file type, TXLF, is actually a XLIFF variant, too.