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Read the general introduction to fields (above), if this is not yet done.

Fields where the result (not the code) must be translated.

Hyperlinks are a good example. These fields should be manually copied from source to target, then manually translated - toggle the field's view with Alt+F9 as necessary, so you can edit the translatable element (the result). Another approach is to right-click the hyperlink, then select "Edit" and translate the field's displayed text.

With Ms-Word 2000 or higher, right-click the field, click "Hyperlink", then "Edit hyperlink". The translatable item is at the very top of the "Edit hyperlink" dialog box.

Fields where part of the code must be translated.

The code for most fields cannot, and should not, be translated. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like index fields ("EX", "XE"). Such fields have a translatable item, contained between quotes as in the following example:

{XE "Translatable text:Page 4 Figure 5" \b \r }

Make sure Ms-Word's View options (Tools/Options/View or the Alt+F9 shortcut) are set to display field codes and hidden text.

When you open a segment with translatable fields (and the TM does not bring any match), you can use the Previous/Next Placeable utility (Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right shortcuts or the corresponding icons with arrows) to select the field in the source segment, then copy it down (Ctrl+Alt+Down) at the proper position in the target segment. At that moment, WFC will display a text input dialog box containing the translatable part of the field and will wait for the translation (if a match is found in the TM, it will be proposed).

Another way is to use the CopySource icon or shortcut. When WFC copies a source segment with translatable fields, it will take you to each translatable field and prompt you for translation.

It is also possible to directly edit the editable part of the field in the document, if the field codes are made visible (Alt+F9). This is recommended if the above method fails for some reason.

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