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You can use the latest version of Wordfast Classic[1] to convert a TTX file to a doc, translate/proofread and then convert it back to the TTX format. The TTX file should be segmented first. Even pre-translating it in a trial version of Trados 2007[2] against an empty TM should be enough. To do so, they need to open Trados Workbench > Tools > Translate > Add (to select the TTX file) > (check) Segment unknown sentences > Translate.


  • Open the (segmented) TTX in MS Word.
  • Press Alt+Down to start translation
  • When you are asked to tag the file, answer affirmatively.
  • Translate!
  • Cleanup; this will create a TRANSLATED version of the TTX file in the same folder.

Make sure you do not change the file names and locations during the translation.[3]


  1. Click here to download the latest version of Wordfast Classic.
  2. Click here to download the demo version of Trados 2007.
  3. See also how to translate TTX files using Wordfast Pro.