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This section of Wordfast offers a connection to TMs either from your Wordfast Anywhere account, or directly from a Wordfast TM Server.

Wordfast Anywhere

Wordfast Anywhere (WFA) accounts are, as of going to press (Summer 2013) free for all. If you have a valid Wordfast license, get the "Share" key from your WFA account under "Translation Memory > Share". That way, you can connect to the TM and glossary that are currently active in your WFA account, plus VLTM support if it is enabled WFA-side. WFA TM connection is read-write. You can even set your TM as "shared" in your WFA account, if you wish so, and invite others to share it.

That single-step, hassle-free option arguably offers the most powerful Translation Memory environment available today for Ms-Word. Other technologies either fall short of that combination of simplicity and power, or sell it at outrageous prices.

Wordfast Anywhere is found at:

The service is free as of June 2013, but may be available at a price in the future.

Wordfast Server

This option is reserved for organizations that have set up a Wordfast TM server. A free version of Wordfast Server for up to three simultaneous connections can be downloaded from It can be used locally by translators who run very large TMs (over one million TUs), or who want to share their TM with one or two other translators.

Which TM comes first?

If a remote TM and the TM (and the BTM as well, when applicable) yield Translation Units (TUs or "matches") with the same match rate, the TM's TU will be displayed. The Alt+right/left shortcuts can be used to display other TUs. The Pandora's Box command "TranslationMemoryOrder" can be used to specify/change the order of preference, for example, having the VLTM, or the BTM, come before the TM.

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