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Placeholders are used to encapsulate a few special characters, or tags. A WFC placeholder always has the following format: &tX; where X can take various values: &t=; &tA; &t1; &t#; , etc.

&t1; a placeholder for a Word graphic;
&t2; a placeholder for a Word footnote/endnote;
&t9; a tabulator mark;
&t#; a manual line feed;
&tA; &tB; &tC; ... &t¥; constitute 100 placeholders for tags;
&t=<some tag="here">; records an "unknown" tag. Unknown tags are found only in a target segment, but not in the matching source segment. Colons in the tag are escaped with a backward slash \.

Note to engineers

The ampersand, quotes, as well as < and > characters are not considered escaping character. The ampersand is not escaped. The WFC TM format is not a member of the SGML/HTML/XML family. The WFC TM format is simple text, tab-delimited.

Limitation: A WFC TM would create a slightly fuzzy match with text containing the &tX; placeholder, as in this very paragraph. That is a known and accepted minor limitation that has not happened yet in decades.

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