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Wordfast Classic tries to cover the essential needs of everyday translation, but there are countless special situations that require specific features. Rather that multiplying endless setups with buttons and checkboxes, a raw but efficient "un-natural" interface is used to activate some rarely used features. Just enter one of the following commands in Pandora's box, to obtain a particular behaviour from Wordfast. Commands are separated with a paragraph mark (use Shift+Enter to enter paragraph marks).

During a translation session using Wordfast Classic, Ctrl+Alt+P will turn off (and toggle back on) all the commands entered in Pandora's box.[1]

Important: PB commands are case-sensitive: use them the way they are produced when clicking the "Commands" button, or the way they are written in this manual. Adding or removing the _ (underscore) character makes them inactive or active. The underscore character can be located anywhere within the command. Thus,

AllowEmptyTarget is active;
Allow_EmptyTarget is not active;
AllowEmpty_Target is not active;
_AllowEmptyTarget is active because the underscored is not within the command;
Allowemptytarget is ignored because its case is not correct.

Right-clicking the list of commands will toggle between the display of all commands, and only active commands.[2]


  1. Note that pressing Ctrl+Alt+P while there is no segment open, will generate a report about the current setup, which is useful for troubleshooting.
  2. Click here to watch this PB tutorial by Yasmin Moslem.