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Wordfast LLC produces Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software for professional translators. The core technologies are translation memory (TM), terminology management, and quality assurance (QA). Many other features are provided, from concordance searches to alignment to TM sharing.

Getting Started

Wordfast Pro

Wordfast Pro (WFP) is a standalone translation environment tool. WFP can handle MS Office file formats plus ASP, JSP, Java, InDesign, Framemaker, and TagEditor files. WFP can run on Windows, Linux, or Mac. It has improved batch processing capabilities.

Wordfast Classic

Wordfast Classic (WFC) is designed as a Microsoft Word™ add-on. Its lightweight, flexible structure makes it easy to install and use. Wordfast Classic maintains compatibility with Trados and most CAT tools.

Wordfast Anywhere

Wordfast Anywhere (WFA) is a browser-based version of Wordfast Classic. You can use it on any browser, any operating system. You can even use it on your iPad or smart phone, anywhere.

YouTubeWF.pngWordfast Channel

Enjoy learning through Wordfast YouTube Channel. Stay tuned!