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To make sure this wiki looks nice and cohesive, use wiki markup and templates.

Wiki markup

If you are not familiar with the wiki markup, see the brief Wikipedia Cheatsheet or the longer article on Wiki markup at Wikipedia.


Templates help use specific formatting repeatedly. They can be created in this wiki as necessary.

To ensure cohesive style in Wordfast Wiki, use the following templates:


To enter names of menus, tabs, or dialogues, use the Menu template.

For example, the following instruction:

Go to Tools > Options in MS Word.

is entered as follows in the wiki Edit window:

Go to {{Menu|Tools}} > {{Menu|Options}} in MS Word.


To enter names of keyboard keys, use the Key template.

For example, the following instruction:

Press Alt+Down on your keyboard.

is entered as follows in the wiki Edit window:

Press {{Key|Alt}}+{{Key|Down}} on your keyboard.


Nyan Cat Song
Use this template to insert YouTube videos.

For example, the Nyan Cat video on this page is entered using the following text:

{{ImgBox|{{#Widget:YouTube|id=QH2-TGUlwu4|width=320|height=180}}|Nyan Cat Song}}

The {{#Widget:YouTube|id=QH2-TGUlwu4|width=320|height=180}} section adds the video and it is wrapped in the ImgBox template.

To enter your desired video, use the proper id. You will find it in the YouTube link to that video. For example, the link to share the Nyan Cat Song is, hence the id is QH2-TGUlwu4.

You can also edit the width and height parameters to adjust the size of the video on the resulting page.

The last piece of text in the whole template code, reading Nyan Cat Song in my example, is the caption shown at the bottom of the video box.

Note: The ImgBox template could also be used to enter images. But it is better to use wiki markup to do that (see above).