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Here are some basic standards for those who create or edit articles in this wiki:

  • Write in English. Use simple English, as non-natives will read and edit it, too.
  • Act responsibly, aiming to help fellow Wordfast users.
  • Respect other contributors.
  • All contributions must be related to Wordfast: the company, the products, licensing terms, etc.
  • All contributions must provide correct information or instructions.
  • Don't enter questions or opinions (for those, join a user forum or contact Wordfast).
  • Don't enter copyrighted material (text, images, videos, etc) in this wiki.
  • Whenever you quote, cite your sources.
  • Format your contributions properly and enter links, using proper wiki markup and templates.

You should keep these standards in mind when contributing to this wiki. The administrators will use them as guidelines.

These standards are not strict rules, set in stone. Wikis are collaborative projects and these rules and their application in practice are subject to discussion and may evolve.