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(“An error occurred while saving the document” or “There was a problem creating the preview file”)
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Error while saving the document

“An error occurred while saving the document” or “There was a problem creating the preview file”

Don’t panic! There are a couple of workarounds. This error is generally caused by not replicating tags from source to target. Run Transcheck on the file (Review tab in TXLF Editor) to check for tag errors first. If this does not fix the problem, the error may have been caused by merging or splitting segments or by adding underline tags to target that don’t exist in source (known bug, being fixed as of 2017-03-04). Perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Quick Tools and perform a pseudo-translation of the source file (click on the Help icon under the Help tab and go to the Quick Tools > Pseudo Translate section to see how to do this). This performs a roundtrip to see if the file filter is corrupt (if this fails, you’ll have to contact tech support).
  2. Go back to the TXLF Editor and commit all segments to the TM using the Commit All icon under the Translation tab.
  3. Add a copy of the source file (with a different name) to the project.
  4. Open the newly added file and use the Translate All icon on the Translation tab.
  5. Try to save the translated file by clicking on the Save File As Translated icon under the File tab.
  6. If it works, fix fuzzies or no matches caused by unmerged or unsplit segments in this copy of the source file, using Concordance Search if necessary, then save your file as translated again (overwriting the previous version).

If all of this fails, please submit a tech support request via your user account at wordfast.net.

Exporting project problems

“This archive contains unclosed entries”

This error may be caused if either the local TM or glossary editor is open in the project. To find out if you have an open TM or glossary editor, click on the Wordfast 5 tab in the top left corner. If an editor is not greyed out, it means that it is open. Click on it to be brought to the open editor, then click on the lower of two X’s in the top righthand corner to close the editor.

This error could also appear if you are basing a project on a previous project that was created using an earlier version of Wordfast Pro 5 (or 4). If this is the case, attempt to recreate the project from scratch.