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Wordfast Video Training Sessions

Our channel has a wide choice of tutorials and videos, for all platforms, incl. tablets, HTML5, etc.

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all videos are in English
Installing WordfastdownloadHow to download, unzip, and install Wordfast. This procedure is used for first-time installation as well as upgrades.2.45mn0.0 Mb
Setting up WordfastdownloadThis first set up (choosing a TM and a glossary) lets you get started with a first translation session.5.30mn0.0 Mb
Translating a DocumentdownloadEssential shortcuts and techniques used when translating a Word document.3.18mn0.0 Mb
Understanding SegmentationdownloadUnderstanding segmentation (segment delimiters, expanding/shrinking etc. Setting up segmentation, segmenting & translating tagged files with internal/external tags.3.59mn0.0 Mb
TerminologydownloadUnderstanding how terminology is imported, maintained, set up and used.4.38mn0.0 Mb
PlaceablesdownloadUnderstanding placeables and the shortcuts that drive them. Good placeable practices are great time-savers.3.28mn0.0 Mb
TM ManagementdownloadHow to make efficient use of TMs.4.45mn0.0 Mb
VLTMdownloadUnderstanding the VLTM concept, and how to benefit from that unique project.3.57mn0.0 Mb
downloadUsing Wordfast's Quality control features.4.42mn0.0 Mb
Using Wordfast Tools: Analyze/Cleanup/TranslatedownloadUsing Wordfast's common tools to analyze documents, clean them up after translation, or pre-translate documents, one by one or in batch mode.4.49mn10.6 Mb

Note: the files for download are Windows-compatible *.exe files. Users of non-Windows operating systems are encouraged to view the videos online.

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