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Localize this website in your language!
It's easier than you think, and can be very rewarding

The official language of our website is English. The English version is regularly updated and maintained. All localized versions of the website were translated by volunteers under the below-specified terms to help their colleagues. Some pages (the Buy section, support after login, etc.) are kept in English only.

If your language is not listed yet or if you are ready to proofread and/or update the translation in your language, here is an opportunity to draw attention to your own website or home page (you will be able to include your own banner or link on the top left corner of the localized website) and help Wordfast's expansion.

If you feel confident you can translate basic HTML pages, then contact us. We will send you instructions.

It takes about one day's work to localize wordfast.net for a professional translator with experience. If you propose a deadline, please do not exceed one week. See terms below.

Thanks in advance,
The Wordfast Team

Terms: Localisation of the wordfast.net website is a voluntary, unpaid service, giving you in return an advertising space in Wordfast's localized website. The localized website's copyright remains the property of Wordfast. We reserve the right to effect changes on, or cancel, the localized website without warning nor explanation.

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