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Cutting costs, enhancing quality, meeting deadlines...

Serious executives are cautious about the self-serving hype served by "solution providers", like «cutting-edge technology, dramatic cost-cutting, state-of-the-art linguistic intelligence, utmost scalability» etc.

Wordfast always had a no-nonsense, low-key approach to public relations, slowly building its reputation on satisfied users.

One excellent and unbiased translation tools comparison was made by the Imperial College in London. They surveyed a very large number of translators over a few months and produced an in-depth analysis of Translation Memory tools and CAT technology usage in the industry. It is still, to this date, the most authoritative work on the subject. Also, (the independent, most popular translation portal) maintained statistics for many years on CAT technology usage among its members. Since is a paying site, this eliminated bogus votes. The result was: Wordfast is only second to Trados in terms of licenses sold, although it appeared much later on the market. And Wordfast is rising much faster.

There are countless sterling references to Wordfast`s qualities - simply searching google will land you there: scholarly articles, conference proceedings, newsgroup discussions etc. Out of sheer respect, we would rather not shower you with the slick and egotic self-praise found in other CAT tool websites.

See our page on integrating Wordfast in a legacy translation environment for more information on deploying Wordfast in a corporate environment. Note that Wordfast supports sharing Translation Memories (TMs) and terminology glossaries in Local Area Networks (LANs). Wordfast also allows sharing TMs over the Internet, see the VLTM section.

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