Consultancy in translation & localization version française

Yves A. Champollion  CEO, Champollion Consulting LLC.
Related to Jean-François Champollion, Egyptologist

Services: consultancy to governments & corporations in translation and localization.

Specialization: cost-cutting, audits, workflow optimization, Computer-Assisted Translation (Translation Memory, Machine Translation, Terminology), recruiting, outsourcing.



 Overview of recent activity
2000-: Founder & CEO, Wordfast LLC. Author of numerous software solutions for the translation industry. The Wordfast suite of solutions is popular among translation agencies and free-lance translators, with over 65,000 licenses in use.
Visiting Lecturer, Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs, Université de Paris III/La Sorbonne, 2005-2008.

1996-1999: Project manager and consultant for large translation projects in world-class translation agencies (Translatel, Linguex...). Involved in projects for SAP R/3 & R/4, Siemens, Alcatel, Microsoft, IBM, ABB, Ford, etc.

1982-1995: Free-lance translator. Translated many US best-sellers in the field of popular science (among which: "Darwin on Trial", by P.E. Johnson, InterVarsity Press, translated into "Le Darwinisme en question", 1996, Editions Pierre d'Angle, 285 pages, and "The Myth of Repressed Memories" by E. Loftus and K. Ketcham, St Martin's Griffin, translated into "Le Syndrome des souvenirs refoulés", 1997, Editions Exergue), as well as countless other technical publications & scientific articles.

 Overview of published works, events, lectures
ATA (American Translators Association), Los Angeles, USA, 12-15 October, 2022
Gold sponsor
NeTTT (New Trends in Translation and Technology), Rhodes Island, Greece, 5 July, 2022
Diamond sponsor & Presenter: What's New in Wordfast: Dictating Translations
EM-TTI (European Masters in Technology for Translation and Interpreting), online event. Europe (Erasmus prog.), 5 March, 2021
Lecture: Machine Translation for Us Human Translators: Good, Bad, or Ugly?
ITA (Israel Translators Association), online event. Israel, 1 March, 2021
Keynote presentation: The Decipherment of the Rosetta Stone
ATA (American Translators Association) USA, 21-24 October, 2020
Gold Sponsor: Wordfast. 4 training sessions delivered
Hit-IT (Human-Informed Translation and Interpreting Technology), Varna, Bulgaria, 6 September, 2019
Keynote presentation: Rosetta Stone Decipherment
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, Austin, Texas, USA, 29 October, 2016
Presentation: Machine Translation Acceptance Among Professional Linguists: Are We Nearing the Tipping Point?
The British Museum, London, Great Britain, 27 November, 2015
American Translators Association Convention, Miami, USA, 4-7 November, 2015
Platinum sponsor & exhibitor
Open Innovations, Moscow International Forum, Russia, 15 October, 2014
Panelist: A Talking Computer: the Next Generation in Translation
UNESP University, Saõ José do Rio Preto, Brazil, 30 September, 2014
Paper: Professional Translation Today
Al-Alsun Faculty, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 22 April, 2013
Paper: Professional Translation through the Ages
Imperial College, London, Great Britain, 19 January, 2011
lecture: "Cloud Computing with Wordfast"
TM Europe Kraków, Poland, 29-30 September, 2010
Panelist: The Future of Translation and Localisation Industry in the Context of Technology Development"
TEKOM Wiesbaden, Germany, 4-6 November, 2009
Paper: The free, universal TM: are idealism and pragmatism compatible?"
Chinese University of Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong, China, 29 August, 2009
Paper: Representing and Defending our Profession the Age of Globalization."
University of Malaga, Spain , 23-24 October, 2009 - Paper on "Representing and Defending Translators in a Globalized Economy"
Lisa Forum Europe ~ Dublin, Ireland, 8-12 December, 2008 - Exhibitor;
Panelist on "Standards Impact on the Productivity of Automated Translation Technologies: What Works, What Doesn't and Why."
Translation World ~ Montreal, Canada,
12 March, 2008 - Keynote Address: "Translation in the Age of Globalization"
FIT-Europe & Asetrad ~ Barcelona, Spain:
Technical Seminar on Copyright, Intellectual Property and Translation Tools
13 October, 2007 - Paper : "The free, universal TM: are idealism and pragmatism compatible?"
American Translators Association ~ New Orleans, USA, 1-4 November, 2006
Paper#1: "Representing and Defending Translators in France and in Latin Countries."
Paper#2: "Machine Translation and Translation Memory: Breaking the Barriers."
I Congreso Internacional de Traducción Especializada, Buenos Aires, Argentina
27-29 July, 2006 - Paper : "La Representación y defensa de nuestra profesión en la era de la globalización"
Article in Clarín Article in Radar
Joint Inter-Agency Meeting on Terminology and Computer-Assisted Translation & Terminology (JIAMCATT), Rome, Italy
20 April, 2005 - Paper : "Current and Future Trends in Computer-Assisted Translation"
III Jornada de Terminologia Aplicada, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
13 May, 2005 - Paper presented on: "Machine Translation and Translation Memory: Breaking the Barrier"
The Swedish Association of Professional Translators Conference, 22-24 April 2005, Uppsala, Sweden
Paper presented on "Where are we going? Is there a Future for Translators?"
ASLIB International Conference, London, Great-Britain, 18-19 November 2004: Keynote address:
"Representing and Defending our Profession in the Age of Globalization"
ASLIB International Conference, London, Great-Britain, 20-21 November 2003:
"Convergence in CAT: Blending MT, TM, OCR & SR to boost productivity"
ASLIB International Conference, London, Great-Britain, 23-24 November 2002:
"Automated Translation: The Next Frontier".
The Bulletin of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), January-February 2004:
"The Million-word guy: Yves Champollion on how he created Wordfast".
In "Entornos Informáticos de la traducción profesional: Las memorias de traducción", 338 pages, Atrio Editorial, Granada, Spain, under the direction of Gloria Corpas Pastor and M.a-José Varela Salinas: Chapter 8 by YC.
4th International MIDP Colloquium on Multilingualism and Electronic Information Management, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 22-23 September 2003. Paper on "Machine Translation, Translation Memory and the future of Automated Translation".
The Translation Journal, Volume 5, No 1, January 2001:
"Machine Translation and the Future of the Translation Industry".
Language International, December 2001: "It's Free but Does it Work?", by Bob Clark, an overview of the early stage of development of Wordfast.

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