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Title: The import terminology file is empty
Author: Ed Miles
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Article last updated: 2010-05-31 03:45:18
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Sometimes, when importing a glossary, the usual message "1xxx of 1xxx items will be imported" appears, but this is followed by an error message saying "The import terminology file is empty."I personally faced this problem and finally tracked it down to asterisks in the target term.Specifically, the DE term was "Einbaulochdurchmesser" and the equivalent EN term "installation holes of *** diameter". As this was the only term (of nearly 10000 terms in the glossary) with asterisks, it's a fairly safe bet they were the problem. In this case, simply deleting the term solved the problem. Seems Wordfast Pro (not sure about Classic) doesn't like asterisks...


-------Update by Yasmin Moslem-------

The problem is in initial asterisks only, i.e. asterisks within the first three letters of any word of the term, which is not supported yet. Any other asterisks (in the middle or the end or a term) should be OK and functional.

Once we remove the initial asterisks, we will manage to import the whole glossary successfully.

WFP 2.2.4


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