Using a WFP TM in WFC

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The Translation Memory (TM) format used by Wordfast Classic (WFC) is a tab-delimited text file whereas the TM format used by Wordfast Pro (WFP) is a SOLR database.

How to transfer the TM

If you want to use a WFP TM with WFC, you need to export the WFP TM as a TMX file (e.g. TM.tmx), then open it with WFC using the Select TM button. Upon opening the TM.tmx file, WFC will copy the content of the TM.tmx file into a newly created tab-delimited text file called TM.txt and select it as your active TM.

Note on Tags

When using a WFP TM in WFC, you can get better matching rates (sometimes raised from 70s to 100) by removing the tags in the TM.

The easiest way to do this is to use the WFC TM tool "Remove All Tags". To do this , open the Data Editor in WFC by clicking the second rightmost toolbar button, and then open the Tools tab. After you remove the tags, do not forget to reorganize the TM. You may also lower the Fuzzy Threshold in WFC (Setup > General).